“Good investment for my career”

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Value for time and moneyValue for the time and money invested

The workshop is quite intense, however it provides a very good idea of PM principles over a 2 day period. | Very stimulating and highly involved. | Really reasonably priced!! | I leave with a much better understanding of how to approach any project. Big, small, at work or at home. | Even though my organisation was not keen to pay for the workshop, this was a good investment for my career.


Hasan works in projects

Teaching methodsTeaching methods

I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction and engagement as well as real life examples. Certainly added value to the learning experience. | Absolutely loved the level of engagement with he other students & the fun collaborative environment. | Interactive, relevant, insightful, tailored to each delegate’s needs. | Tania kept my attention solid for two days, well done! 80%. Very engaging but sometimes I felt lost along the way because I didn’t know how this particular thing was relevant.

Henning works in construction projects

Insights into next stepsInsights into your next steps

I intend on doing the Project Management Concepts module (Module 2). These aspects have certainly provided good tools for me to implement and enhance. | Provided clarity on importance of Personal and Knowledge development and all necessary guidelines for further ventures. | Going for the next modules! | I think I know enough to decide whether PM is something to pursue or not, as a career. | 90%. I feel that this course has given my next steps more structure.

Carmen at the Project Management Workshop

Insights into overall way forwardInsights about your overall way forward

This will require more introspection and alignment with my company’s goals. | I need to explore my future and goals further but this program helps in a lot of other issues of my current work and projects. | Develop my practical + theoretical knowledge of PM. | 100%. Has changed how I should be approaching and working through problems and projects.

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Tania Melnyczuk

Director of Programme Design at ProjectManagement.co.za and the Collaboration Director of the Autistic Strategies Network.


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