Implementing Project Management

I want to lead our team to implement Project Management that works at work.

What do you mean by ‘implementing Project Management’?

‘Implementing Project Management’ means getting formal Project Management going in the organisation.

‘Organisation’ refers to any organisation—a small business, a large corporation, a division within a business, a public service organisation, an NGO or a new joint venture.

What’s the difference between managing a project and implementing Project Management?

Simply put, ‘managing a project’ means organising things and telling people what to do so that the project can get finished. Many people manage projects without any exposure to Project Management.

Project Management is a formal organisational discipline with its own terminology. It has its own tools, techniques and methods to deal with certain underlying principles and phenomena at play in projects. Various Project Management standards-generating bodies have their own ideas of what exactly these formal processes should entail, but there are certain key commonalities amongst them.

Implementing Project Management is a deliberate process led by top management, to get Project Management going in an organisation.

How many organisations actually succeed at implementing Project Management?

Very few organisations manage to get Project Management going upon their first attempt. This is not because people are stupid or inexperienced, but rather because they fall back on patterns of thinking which served them well in the past—a phenomenon known as false pattern recognition. To implement Project Management successfully the first time round, leaders need to adhere to a few important principles.

If we send some of our key staff on an accredited course, will they be able to implement Project Management when they return?

We haven’t found any evidence that this has ever happened in any organisation of any size in any industry or any country.

How do you implement Project Management via training, then?

We adhere to ten principles and considerations and follow certain guiding steps for implementing Project Management via training.

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