Project Management Concepts

At only R3,910 (incl. VAT), Project Management Concepts is a unique, high-value, low-cost and low-risk gateway to a future in Project Management, whether you are studying as an individual, or in a team. The course has participants from throughout Africa and Europe.

Online learning allows you to work at times which suit you—but it’s essential to keep a consistent pace. We engage with you regularly.

Project Management Concepts | Online Course

How long does it take?

Although it’s possible to complete the course in 10 weeks, most participants find it necessary to take longer. You’ll need to set aside one or two timeslots of 30 minutes per day.

How is the course structured?

The course consists of Foundation Tasks followed by six Test Series, designed to foster the kind of thinking needed to understand the complexity of Project Management.

Check out the course content.


If you’ve passed a certain milestone and you’re not happy, you can ask for a refund. Here are the terms and conditions.

Can it help me in my work?

Yes. Not only does this course assist you in developing the critical thinking and systems thinking needed for a successful career in Project Management, but it also sharpens your discretion and decision-making as a leader or member of a team working on projects.

What makes this course different?

Your daily engagement helps you develop the habit of daily Project Management thinking. The unique composition of the course ensures that you deepen your understanding of Project Management, rather than merely cramming to pass an exam.

The question-driven approach is one of several key differences between this course and other Project Management courses. (Most courses give you something to study before asking questions about it. This course asks you questions, and you have to figure out the answers. For a few of the more confusing topics, we provide you with reading material and videos.)

You can also expect regular engagement from us during the course!

Why should I do this course before doing other courses?

1. To mitigate the risk of spending a lot of time and money on Project Management training that’s unsuitable for you. By exposing you to a variety of questions and considerations in respect of Project Management, the course places you in a good position to evaluate your further study options afterwards..

2. To help you develop study habits and critical thinking in respect of Project Management, so that you will be prepared to study effectively and contextually in any other Project Management course you may take afterwards.

Project Management Concepts ensures that you first embed the core vocabulary common to a number of Project Management standards and methodologies (such as the PMBOK® Guide and PRINCE2®), and the principles embodied in them—before committing yourself to a formal international certification course. The study method sets you up to succeed, and to score the required 90% pass mark in the 25-minute time-restricted final Exam.


If you’re planning to study towards PMP® certification soon, find out why we specifically recommend doing Project Management Concepts first.


If you intend getting Consultative Tutoring in Microsoft Project whilst working on a real project, we recommend Project Management Concepts to build context.

What are the team at looking for when they track my progress?

During the course, you’ll be covering content relating to Project Management methods, techniques, frameworks and so on.

Besides checking up on how you’re doing in tests about these concepts, we’ll also be checking your progress in three other areas. These relate to personal attributes that will be needed to build competency according to the Project Manager Competency Development Framework (PMCDF) of the PMI®. (We have built in mechanisms to help you with these during the course, and we provide additional support if you get stuck.)

1. Your ability to establish a habit of regular study. We will be looking for persistence and the ability to establish a new habit, to create the kind of consistency that is required in a project manager role.

2. Your predisposition to reporting risk. Risk management is an important part of Project Management. For example, if you experience problems with keeping up and you don’t report them to us, you will also struggle to deal effectively with risk in projects.

3. Your inclination towards developing your critical thinking. Independent enquiry and critical thinking are of the utmost importance in the management of projects. The way you approach the “free study” tasks will be a strong indication of whether you are likely to make it through the course, and to grow in the realm of Project Management performance. Check out some of the articles which we refer to when guiding participants in their learning.

Project Management Concepts course certificateWhat does the Project Management Concepts certificate say about me?

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