“Leaves you feeling more empowered”

Overall experience

How would you describe your overall experience of the Workshop to colleagues or friends?

Great experience – enthusiastic. | Enjoyed the experience very much and will definitely recommend. | Money and time well spent. Cannot wait for module 2. | As a defrosting exercise of my brain. | I’ll sell it to all my colleagues with conviction. | Enjoyed it. Great value for me. Better insight into PM, food for thought, re: career change etc. | Interactive. [Immersive]? Learning curve out of he box. | A great course for anyone trying to broaden their current skill set that leaves you feeling more empowered to overcoming problems.

What were the main positive things that contributed to your overall experience?

Facilitation, team selection and the venue. | The way/method of learning, and my knowledge gained in PM. | Just being able to understand your role in a company and terms used. | Participation and self-notes. Making my notes worked for me. | The team and facilitation team. | Friendly vibe. Interactive people. Goal driven people. | Facilitators, group and the learning theory.

What were the main negative things that contributed to your overall experience?

Probably the intensity and rush towards the end. | It was a bit cold, I sat at the door. | The venue was slightly drafty because the door could not close properly, and was a bit distracting.

Participants at a Project Management Workshop in Stellenbosch


What one thing that you have learned will have the greatest impact on your work on Monday morning?

A better approach to identifying and solving project management areas within our divisions. | Improved understanding of how to create a better collaborative and communicative environment. | Can’t say only one thing, but its changed way I’ve viewed the role players within my business and their impact on my current role and the future of my company. | That a Project Manager has all the traits I require in my role, thus confidence. That PM lives inside the bigger picture of the company’s values. These need to be aligned. | Rule for Risk. | Structuring/planning a big task. | I have to start with … making PM a first. I need to implement what I’ve learned. I have to continue reading up on PM. | Visualizing your problem, outlining the various components and mitigating risk.

Shalena and Shahieda work on an HIV research project

About the environment

What did you think of the venue and catering?

Great venue, great catering. Just a bit far from home. | Great venue & food. Very attentive. | Good venue & fabulous food. We were well looked after. | Lovely | 100% | Very good. Food was great. Scenery amazing during breaks etc. | Venue – A bit far but great. | Venue: beautiful. Food: great.

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Tania Melnyczuk

Director of Programme Design at ProjectManagement.co.za and the Collaboration Director of the Autistic Strategies Network.


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