Project Management training for groups

How we work

Even if you already have an idea of what you want (e.g. “a 2-day introductory course for 20 people” or “training in Microsoft Project for two guys”), we’d like to ensure that what we provide can achieve the real-world result you have in mind.

The first 5 steps for training Project Management that works at work will take about three minutes to read. It explains the key steps needed to ensure that the training is success.

Types of training

GRASP Workshop in Project Management

GRASP Workshop in Project Management

For the HR Manager tasked with sourcing a short course for a group, a GRASP Workshop is the easiest way to meet a variety of needs quickly, responsibly and cost-effectively.

Built for you

Project Management training for teams - Customisation notes for in-house training in Project Management

When we work with your organisation to implement Project Management via training, the learning programme is built for you. Training may include online discussions with senior management, site visits, on-site training, blended learning, online mentoring, workshops, hands-on Consultative Tutoring in Microsoft Project or other activities.

Public offerings

Intensive Workshop in Project Management for teams

Sometimes a public course can be a cost-effective way of achieving your initial goal.

For example, if you’re a subcontractor on projects and you want to understand what the hotshot project manager is talking about (and prevent getting blamed for things beyond your control!), you may want to participate in an Intensive Workshop in Project Management, along with one or two of your staff.

If you’re thinking about getting formal Project Management going and you want to get everyone talking the same language before you disrupt the status quo, our online Project Management Concepts course (discounted for groups) can help to establish this foundation within your team.


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