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Manager and team member in site officeMany people lead projects successfully based on self-taught skills, without an in-depth practical knowledge of formal Project Management. But as their projects become more complex, they often find themselves facing a deadline where learning by trial and error is no longer an option. Neither a crash course nor a lengthy academic programme can effectively address the practical issues.

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Management teamImplementing formal Project Management can help. We’ve written a series of articles to explain what you’d need to know.

To find out what you can expect from us, read our 10 Principles and Considerations for Organisational Project Management Training. (These apply no matter whether you’re big or small.)

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audio-team-250-x-250Contextual, relevant Project Management training is valuable when it forms part of something bigger led by senior management. We can help you meet your real training requirement.

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Both of these work towards a range of competencies described in the Project Manager Competency Development Framework (PMCDF) of the Project Management Institute (PMI).

To understand why we’re not recommending other training for now, watch our video How do you study to become a Project Manager?

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