Organisational Project Management

What is organisational Project Management?

According to the PMI®, organisational Project Management is the systematic management of projectsprogrammes and portfolios, in alignment with the achievement of strategic goals. The concept is based on the idea that an organisation’s capabilities in these disciplines correlates with the organisation’s effectiveness in implementing strategy.

Why is this important for training?

Training must be aligned to the organisation’s strategies

When we train a group in an organisation, we design the training to meet the organisation’s unique strategic goals.

For the purpose of organisational training, we define strategy as the unique way in which an organisation addresses its problems—a definition by Richard Rumelt, the author of Good Strategy, Bad Strategy.

Sometimes, the organisation’s strategies are not yet as clear as they need to be for Project Management to be effective. We therefore often facilitate strategy development as part of an organisational learning programme for implementing Project Management.


Training must contribute to an enabled environment

The environment must be conducive for Project Management. We have written numerous articles on what it means and what it takes to establish an enabled Project Management environment.


Culture is a key component of the environment.

Culture means “the way we do things around here”.

We design the training to draw on positive aspects of an organisation’s culture, and to guide the leaders in fostering change where needed.

The Learning Organisation

For an organisation to be effective in its implementation of formal Project Management, it must become a Learning Organisation.

Learning Organisation is a term coined by Peter Senge and others, to describe the nature of an organisation that can adapt in changing times.  If an organisation is to be successful in implementing Project Management, it must become a Learning Organisation.

It takes time to become a Learning Organisation. Our programmes for organisations allow time for individuals and teams to grow. Our 10 Principles and Considerations provide a framework to ensure that time and money are used wisely from the first steps.


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