Consultative Tutoring in Microsoft Project

We want realistic plans. We want Microsoft Project to show us our risks instead of telling us fairytales.

Microsoft Project is one of the most popular software tools used to schedule projects and to track progress. Consultative Tutoring from works with your real projects, flexing to individual needs and reporting requirements in your projects. Project scheduling, budgeting, tracking and reporting are rolled out through hands-on learning tailored to the requirements of your work.

What makes it different?

Most courses in Microsoft Project cover a generic syllabus, working with sample projects using a one-size-fits all approach. This simply doesn’t meet the real-world needs of the individuals who must work with Microsoft Project, or the organisations into which their work must be integrated. (Believe us—we used to be contracted to present such courses, and we chose to stop!)

Our Consultative Tutoring in Microsoft Project has been developed to provide participants with the opportunity to learn essential hands-on skills in the context of their own projects, with individual attention. Tutoring may be done one-to-one or for up to 4 participants from a single organisation or project team—for a single fee.

Customised view in Microsoft Project produced during Consultative Tutoring session with for an ethernet project. This is very different from regular MS Project courses.

This Network Diagram and Gantt chart, with the accompanying fields and tables, were customised during a Consultative Tutoring session with a Project Manager of a subcontractor who had to prepare a report for the client’s Project Manager. The latter required certain information not usually produced by Microsoft Project.

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