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I want to get into Project Management.

We recommend that you begin with our online Project Management Concepts course—but that is only the beginning. Project Management is not learned via courses alone; you’ll need to work on a real project, and you’ll need to equip yourself with tools and template repositories whilst working on that project. You also need to start learning to sell yourself early on in your journey, and in a some cases (but not all) that may include studying towards international accreditation.

So, once you’ve progressed up to the end of Test Series 1 (approx. a month after starting Project Management Concepts), book an appointment to get guidance on how to build your career beyond what you’re learning in the course.

If you’re not happy with the approach, there’s a full Money-Back Guarantee!

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Book for Project Management Concepts
I want solutions to my challenges at work.

You’ll probably have to tell us a bit more. Why?

I need help with an actual project.

We may be able to help. Project managers and business owners have benefitted from our approach, which may include in Consultative Tutoring with the support of Microsoft Project, or a combination of training and mentoring. Talk to us.

I've been working in projects for years, and I want formal recognition.

Keep your mind wide open, and your feet on the ground: If you go straight for a certificate, your growth will be limited, because your roots will be shallow. There’s a long way, which will save you money and give you the deep roots needed to really grow your career. Take the time to understand what certification means. Watch this video to learn how to get roots for growth.

They told me I need some kind of Project Management training for my work.

Great, we can guide you!

Be aware, though, that a fancy course won’t fix project problems that lie beyond your control, and a certificate won’t turn you into a project manager. We’ll need to understand what ‘they’ want you to be able to do, and work out a plan together to get there. Contact us.

PS: If they want you to get the context so that you can tell them what to do in projects, check out what they’d need to know about your training, or start with the online Project Management Concepts course.

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