“I would like to follow Project Management as a career.”

How much did you get from the Workshop in terms of the following?

 Value for the time and money invested

Met my expectations. | The amount of information that was given is much more, and very interesting than I thought it would be. | I have spent a lot more on other courses and it was death by PowerPoint, and the instructor hurried up to try and leave earlier. | I can’t say more than expected, because I found out that what I expected (in part) was a super human (miracle) ability. But in grounding me and shifting my expectations, I suppose you do deserve 200%

Teaching methods

Outstanding. Different. | It drew and kept my attention and concentration. It was the way and aspects of Project Management that was explained through images (drawings ), stories and even the way the person who gave the course spoke and reacted. The practicals we did also played an important role. | Not death by PowerPoint kept me engaged 100% of the time. | I was thrilled that PowerPoint was not included!! This is exactly how I do things.

Insights to your next steps

Clear cut. | Using some of the information obtained would probably not work in my current situation – or make it more difficult in relationships, but it inspired me to look for or approach certain projects differently than before. I also realised that I would look differently at certain things at work to improve it and I also realised that I sometimes missed to look at same important aspects of a project.  | I would like to take the next course. | I suppose the 90% are in part because my brain is still trying to get a grip on everything. There are also the obstacles that I dread. I would like (in an ideal world) a mentor, someone to hold my hand for a bit as I tackle my dragons at work. But I have to do this and so my fearful but determined inner self will do some processing to help me implement what I have learned.

Insights about your overall way forward

Clear cut. | I could try to impose certain structures or timing of tasks as a basic structure. | I would like to follow Project Management as a career. | I will take some time to clarify this for myself and then continue forward. There are some variables in the future that will influence this.

At the end of the Workshop, participants described their experiences as follows:

Overall experience

How would you describe your overall experience of the Workshop to colleagues or friends?

Very cool, very helpful solid foundation to build a career. | Do not think twice, there’s a lot to learn. | My idee van hoe projekbeplanning benader moet word is soveel meer spesifiek en dat daar baie meer aspekte is om na te kyk. | I enjoyed the learning. Didn’t feel like I was wasting my time. | Very belonend, surprising, insightful en absoluut die moeite werd.

What were the main positive things that contributed to your overall experience?

Tania. | Everyone participated and shared their experiences freely. | Die wyse waarop die inligting gegee is en ook dat almal in ag geneem is tydens die workshop. | Instructors knowledge of the subject matter. | The size of the group is perfect, light, no electronic mediums, presenters, informal atmosphere.

What were the main negative things that contributed to your overall experience?

Very cold in the mornings. | None.


What one thing that you have learned will have the greatest impact on your work on Monday morning?

Authority structure! | Stakeholder analysis in a project of any kind, the risk register and concept of learning organisations. | Ek gaan vir seker deur elke projek deurwerk en neerskryf waar elke projek is en hoe elke projek beter gehanteer (die prosesse ) moet word sodat boeke reg is en betyds land. Structure!! | My perception of multitasking and urgency.

About the learning materials

What did you think of the workbook?

Different, very cool. | I enjoyed the creativity and uniqueness of the materials. | It’s very interesting and creative. It definitely drew my attention. Different, but a good different, kept me engaged. | I like it a lot.

What could be improved?

I am satisfied. | Everything is really good. | Don’t use dogs (bad image). | I’m not sure. Maybe an option for a one to one session?

Did you find the quizzes helpful?

Yes, very. | Very helpful indeed. | Yes. | Yes. | Yes.

About the lecturer

What did she do well?

Teach. Talk. | She was well prepared and put fun into the whole experience. | She did well in keeping it interesting and keeping me engaged. | Her time management and coverage of topics is like a mythical thing in real life. Clear explanations, relevant examples, engaging presenting, etc., etc., etc. Excellent.

What could she do better?

She was simply perfect for me. | Like I said, she is really good. | Less politics. | Nothing.

Nelly at the Project Management WorkshopAbout signing up for the Workshop

What was your overall experience of the engagement with ProjectManagement.co.za before the Workshop?

Very helpful. | Initially shaky due to technical issues they had, but finally satisfactory. | I received good and exciting emails from them. I also received links to certain information. | I liked the advice Marius gave me with regards to me starting Project Management as a career and what path I should take to get there successfully. | Very positive and effective.

What made you choose this Workshop instead of other learning options?

Interaction is different. | The practical application and participation aspects of it. | This course is a guide on how to manage projects and tasks better. | My chat with Marius. | You seemed accessible and to be honest, you offer a one of a kind workshop. I could not find anything else to suit my need as good as this.

Mia at the Intensive Workshop in Project Management

About the environment

What did you think of the venue and catering?

Outstanding. | Very appropriate for learning. Food was great. | As long as there is good coffee I am happy. | Very good.

Final word

Thank you and God bless. | Well done. | Thank you, see you soon. | I am blown away. As was expected.

Emmanuel Dikongue at the Intensive Weekend WorkshopOn the morning of Day 2, we asked participants to complete these sentences anonymously:

Today I feel…

More confident than yesterday. | Energized and ready to learn. | Determined and hopeful to make  a success with everything I learn. | Better equipped to handle some of the tasks I had already planned last week not knowing  the tools would be right here this weekend. | Happy, sick and excited. | That the workshop is diverse. You get a bigger idea of Project Management and realize that it can be used in many more situations than you may have thought. It can also be helpful in personal situations, projects and not only at work. It’s definitely a good guide!

I also want to say…

Big up to Tania for a job well done in preparing for the presentation of this Intensive Workshop. | That I am very glad to be attending this class (Workshop ). | That I have to learn even more about Project Management. | That I am a bit worried that we won’t get to everything we’ve set out to discuss during this Workshop. | That doing extra courses and learning more would be very good. It will definitely help you to know how to plan create projects more accurate.

Participants included

Yazeed Khan (Bank of Athens), Emmanuel Dikongue (Broll Property Group), Bradley Marks (Sun International), Nelly Molipo (XON Systems), Mia Oosthuizen, Carin Cloete

Tania Melnyczuk

Director of Programme Design at ProjectManagement.co.za and the Collaboration Director of the Autistic Strategies Network.


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