“Very enriching and mind-opening training”

Overall Experience

How would you describe your overall experience of the Workshop to colleagues or friends?

Informative, inventive, worthwhile and value for money. | Very enriching and mind-opening training which everyone who wants to bring a positive change at a workplace should attend. | Workshop experience was quite rewarding. | I would recommend the workshop to anyone who wants to get a better understanding of planning/managing not only PMS-skills are beneficial for all really. | Interacting, accommodating and friendliness, the facilitator knows what she is talking about. | I would highly recommend the workshop. The benefits or outcome are not only for people who would like to pursue career in PM. The experience or result of the programme can be used in all sectors of the cycle. It is good to have a background and basics, as everything and many things/events in life are projects. | Amazing. | “A MUST DO.” Imperative if you’re going into Project Management, this is the way to go.

Network diagram explained by a participant.
One of the participants, Kelley, explains how she derived at certain conclusions on a network diagram, following a homework exercise. 

What were the main positive things that contributed to your overall experience?

Informative and could apply it to my day-to-day work adivities. | The learning approach, teaching and answering my needs. | Relevant terminology. Project risk mitigation. | Clarity on once such an overwhelming situation/mindset picture of Project Management. | Participation from the group. | Whole introduction on Project Management. Common words and methodologies used in project Management. Overall view of procedures. Contribution to confirming/supporting future plans. | It’s the way of projects one conducted which I didn’t know. | Engaging each other and  more importantly myself. Firstly, the structure of the workshop is impeccable.

What were the main negative things that contributed to your overall experience?

Really can’t think of a negative contribution to my experience. | Nothing. | None. | Not sure. | I find that theory is difficult for me, but I do enjoy the practical.

About the environment

What did you think of the venue and catering?

Great… good memories, as it was my wedding venue. | Perfect. | Absolutely lovely. | Good | Excellent environment, the venue compliments the set up. The catering was divine. | It is excellent. | Excellent.

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Tania Melnyczuk

Director of Programme Design at ProjectManagement.co.za and the Collaboration Director of the Autistic Strategies Network.


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