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Incremental payment model

We do not accept payment for the complete programme upfront. This is because we want the freedom to stop the programme on an individual basis, i.e. as soon as we see that you’re not benefiting any longer, we’ll stop the programme, and you won’t be liable for any further cost. You have the option to do the same.

Fees are payable on a milestone-by-milestone basis, as shown on the diagram below:

  • In PCP1, you pay before participating in the Workshop.
  • In PCP2, your first payment is due a week after starting the course online, and your second payment is due 4 weeks later.
  • In PCP3, each payment aligns to the attainment of learning milestones within the module itself. The module is designed to work towards a milestone every 4 weeks, which means that you can expect to make a payment every month if you keep up with the programme.


PCP payment points

Module fees

All fees include VAT.

Intensive Weekend Workshop in Project Management
Book here
See special deals
Intensive 3-day Workshop in Project Management
Book here
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Project Management Concepts
Book here
2 payments of R1,250 each
(Total R2,500)
Planning and Reporting
12 milestone payments of R1,875 each (Total R22,500)

Textbook and software not included (see below)

Extra costs in PCP3

Basic prerequisites and sundries

You probably already have these, but we’re mentioning them just in case:

  • A computer with access to the Internet and sufficient bandwidth for regularly watching videos and participating in online activities, such as tests. (Since you will have to bring your computer to class, a laptop is ideal.)
  • An operating system compatible with Microsoft Project 2016 (e.g. Windows 7 or higher).
  • A subscription to Office 365 (or Office 365 Home), or a licensed installation of Office 2016. (You will be exchanging data with Excel and using some other Office applications that work together with Microsoft Project.)

Your Mentor may also suggest one or two additional books your personal edification.

Microsoft Project 2016 (software)

The version that we currently use in Module 3 is Project Online Professional, which currently costs R438,90 per month. This fee varies from time to time, and there may also be special offers at the time that you subscribe. Your subscription means that you will always have access to the latest version.

To complete the module, you need to subscribe for at least 9 months. You can obtain a subscription directly from Microsoft, or via a reseller.

If you put your studies on hold at some point, you can also stop paying your monthly subscription until you start studying again. Your Project Online settings will be saved for up to 3 months while you are away. You can also back them up on your own computer.

Microsoft Project 2016 (book)

Although your fee includes access to the information in the Studyspace, you will also need to buy the Microsoft Project 2016 Step by Step book. Prices vary amongst dealers, and you may also find specials. We will be referring to page numbers in the course, so we recommend the print version (currently approx. R500 including postage). However, some participants like to buy the Kindle version as well, to make searching easier.

Microsoft Project exam

Your fee for the 74-343 Managing Projects with Microsoft Project exam will be added to your last milestone invoice. The exam is done with an external Prometric Test Centre (authorised by Microsoft), and the fee may vary based on the exchange rate at the time. However, we do make all the administrative arrangements, including booking and paying for the exam on your behalf. The exam fee is currently approx. R500.


Included in your PCP3 fee

The fee for PCP3 includes:

  • All the classes, events, group and individual support described above
  • Your handbook, and all other printed material which forms part of the common core learning content
  • Your access to IBM Connections (where you will collaborate online with your mentor)
  • Your access to the ProjectManagement.co.za Studyspace (online)

PCP3 instalments

The fee is payable in 12 milestone-based instalments of R1,875 each, which translates to 1 milestone per month if you’re working at a standard pace.

To reach each milestone, you need to successfully complete a sequence of four study segments. You won’t be not allowed to proceed to the next segment until you’ve successfully completed the preceding segment, with its concluding tests and other activities.

The programme is designed to set you up to succeed. However, the pass mark for some assessments is 90%. This is to ensure that you are not left with big gaps in your understanding, skill or ability.

You may repeat certain segments at no additional cost if you don’t manage to make it the first time round.

To start the PCP, book for Module 1 (Intensive Workshop in Project Management) or Module 2 (Project Management Concepts).


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