PCP | Detailed benefits

The overall scope of the programme ensures a solid practical base in Project Management and very specific project planning skills.

The Programme doesn’t leave gaps in your understanding.

Your real-life success depends on how thoroughly you apply the skills you learn in each module in your work—as a part of your learning, not just after completing the programme. (If you’d like to spend a few months putting your newly-acquired skills into practice between the modules, that’s fine.)

You won’t “first learn the theory, then apply it”.

Instead, you are guided in extrapolating the theory from the practice. The result is an accelerated ability to recognise which principles are at play ‘on the ground’ in real projects, and to take management decisions to address them. The third module of the Programme focuses in detail on project planning and reporting, which is where the effect of good or bad management decisions can be clearly seen.

You don’t only learn the skills needed to pass an exam.

(That you could do simply by studying on your own with the help of a good book.) Instead, the individualisation of Module 3 means that you work with your own unique real-life projects, learning how to develop your own protocols, processes and best practices for setting up authority structures, working with teams, monitoring work and controlling quality, reporting progress and managing risk. It is in Module 3 particularly where you begin to diverge from what others are doing, concentrating on your own abilities, interests and goals with personal guidance from your Consultant Tutor.

Passing the international certificate exam (which forms part of the programme) will require disciplined study, but it is not the ultimate measure of your competence.

Your CV will be strengthened primarily by evidence of how you applied your unique personal skills and insight in real project work. You will gain a realistic perspective of the angle of entry into the formal Project Management profession where you can make the best personal contribution and achieve maximum growth. For some, this may mean getting a foot in the door as a competent planner (or scheduler). For existing project managers, it could mean gaining a level of effectiveness where it’s possible to take on greater responsibility.

The learning methodologies used in this programme differ from those used in standard Project Management courses.

Your unique personality profile, goals, prior learning and personal quirks are taken into account during the engagement, and you will learn to explore them critically. Every module provides you with skills you can apply immediately. There are many opportunities to study at your own pace and to your own depth of understanding. In some parts of the Programme, this means that you can go back to areas where you struggled earlier, working on what you need to optimise your own abilities. It also means that if you need to tackle additional complex problems and to learn advanced techniques, you won’t be held back by ‘the syllabus’.

Are you a candidate for te PCP?

To start the PCP, book for Module 1 (Intensive Workshop in Project Management) or Module 2 (Project Management Concepts).


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