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About Summative Tests (Fri)


Summative assessment is an education term which means ‘testing whether you know enough to qualify for something’. In traditional classroom courses, summative assessments are typically midterm tests or final exams. In this course, the Summative Tests at the end of each Test Series, and the Exam at the end of the course, are examples of summative assessment.


A Summative Test contains all the concepts questions in the Test Series, plus a question based on either the feedback or on a password.

There are no Rule for Risk questions in these tests.


Summative Tests look similar to Formative Tests, but they do not show the correct answers until the end, and there’s no feedback.

Timing and marks

You should study well for each Summative Test, because if you don’t pass, you may be held back for a while, to revise what you’ve learned. (This restriction is provided to ensure that you really are working towards embedding the concepts rather than trying to wing it at the end of each week.)

Achieving 100% for a Summative Test gives you access to the next Test Series.

A Summative Test has a time limit. The idea is not to trip you up, but to coach you to be able to respond quicky with some insight to Project Management concepts as they come up in conversations, meetings and other aspects of project-related work in the real world.

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