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Routine required

Time needed

Many of the activities, including the Foundation Tasks, are designed to be completed in under 20 minutes. However, if find you need more time for a task, schedule additional 20-minute study session for yourself, or simply do the course over a longer period. (Just don’t do two study sessions back to back, as this does not support focused thinking.)


The course is designed to help you learn, internalise and remember what you are learning. It is specifically paced to help you guard against cramming. Cramming is a crazy way to study, because it means you will forget much of what you have learned after the mad rush is over.

You will receive regular e-mail messages early in the morning, including public holidays. Every message will contain a link to login to the Studyspace, and the password for the test for that day. This is so that you can make the part of your daily routine.

You can do your tests at any time of the day or night, as long as you ensure that you do them regularly.

It’s OK to catch up during the week if you happened to miss one or two tests; however, we highly recommend that you try not to lose your rhythm.

If you get under 100% for a Summative Test, you will be held back a bit, to ensure that you revise the work again. (This is because we want to be sure that you proceed with confidence and a good understanding of what you have learned. The idea is not to leave things up to chance and guesswork.)

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