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Templates for some of your Foundation Tasks are available inside the Studyspace, and will be provided at the point that you need them. (You are not obliged to make use of these templates, though, if you have different preferred tools for achieving the same things.)

Prescribed articles and videos

Most of the prescribed reading is contained in articles tagged ‘Project Management Concepts’, and two of the videos are available elsewhere on the Web. (We’ll provide you with links as you go along.) The course doesn’t include a lot of prescribed reading, but you will need to do a fair amount of reading based on your own searches.

A note about research

There’s a difference between casually searching the Internet, and doing formal research. Although you won’t be asked to do a formal research project in the course, we’ll constantly encourage you to be aware of the principles of research as you search for answers to questions in the course.

Now may be a good time to search for the meaning of the term research.

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