Money-Back Guarantee | Project Management Concepts Course (online)

Project Management Concepts | Online Course

If for any reason you decide not to continue after passing Test Series 1, we will gladly refund whatever you have paid so far. Here’s how it works:

If you successfully complete Test Series 1 and decide not to continue with the course, notify us, and  we will fully refund you. You can reach the end of Test Series 1 within 21 days, but we’ve built in a buffer, so your cut-off day for requesting a refund is 28 days after starting the course.

You are not eligible for a refund after 28 days or if you click to begin Test Series 2.

To sum up:

We will fully refund you if you

  • complete Test Series 1 within 28 days, and
  • notify us of your cancellation without to proceeding to Test Series 2 within those 28 days.
If you chose the two-payment option

If you opted to pay in two instalments and you have not applied for a refund in terms of this refund policy, then your second invoice is payable on the due stated on the invoice (approx. one month after the first invoice).

If you requested a refund in terms of the above policy, then your first payment will be refunded and you do not have to pay the second invoice.


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