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About the Exam

The time limit

The Exam is not a simulation of a real-world situation that you will encounter in the world of Project Management. You will never have to do an online test on ‘Project Management facts’ as part of your job! What’s the rationale behind this test of speed, then?

The time limit on the Exam tests whether you have these facts and concepts ‘on the tip of your tongue’ or ‘at your fingertips’. Being in this position will assist you in quickly connecting a nitty-gritty issue in a real project to a bigger-picture problem, and to be able to convey the Project Management principles at play—and the potential solutions—in clear ‘Project Management language’.

What is in the Exam?

Some of the marks in the Exam are derived from the same questions you had in the Formative Tests, as well as a number of questions based on the feedback to the test questions.

You may be shown a diagram (such as a Gantt chart or Network Diagram) and asked to explain what it all means, by means of multiple choice answers.

Marks are also derived from questions based on the terms used as passwords to the tests. For example, if one of the passwords to a test was goldratt, you might be asked to select Goldratt’s first name from a list, or to select the name of a method which this prominent thinker contributed to the realm of Project Management. You would not be asked to calculate an answer based on the method.

What else is being tested?

The Exam may also be used as a test of commitment. An organisation seeking to establish a common language amongst the team can use the Exam to check who is ready to participate in specific project activities.

When is the Exam?

If you pass all the Summative Tests in the series according to the schedule without repeating a Series, then your Exam date will be approximately 3 months after commencement of the course. Our Learning Administrator will make an arrangement with you for an Exam time that suits you.

You will have the choice to do the Exam any time before 14:00 on the day after the Exam password has been sent to you.

Pass mark

The pass mark for the Exam is 90%.

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