What does the Project Management Concepts certificate say about you?

What does this certificate say about you—how does it set you apart?

The text which appears at the bottom of your certificate provides the answer. We’ve copied that text below, with added links and expandable sections, explaining how the outcomes you achieve in this course set you apart and build the foundation for powerful further learning. Going through every link methodically will reward you with insight into the real requirements for excelling in Project Management.


The Project Management Concepts course is designed to develop key competencies within the three dimensions of the Project Manager Competency Development Framework (PMCDF) of the PMI®.

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Knowledge dimension: Familiarity with the organisational context of projects and Project Management; project Management authority structures; project planning; stakeholders and scope; managing project risks; models, frameworks, standards and methodologies.

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Performance dimension: Introductory practice in two gateway skills, viz. writing and the interpretation of schedule information.

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Personal dimension: The practical development of gateway qualities, viz. metahabits, professionalism (via the Rule for Risk™), and critical thinking.

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The next Project Management Concepts course starts on Monday and costs R2,500 including VAT. The course takes a minimum of 10 weeks. Take up the challenge to build a foundation for studying that will help you in every other field.


Why the mark on your certificate will be 90% or more

The mark required to pass this course is 90%. The reason why it isn’t 100% is because we allow a margin of error on our side for questions which we may not have phrased well, and because English may not be your first language.

However, you’ll have to get 100% for the Summative Test at the end of each Test Series, so that your certificate can ultimately attest to your mastery of the content. To appreciate the importance of mastery, watch Salman Khan’s video Let’s teach for mastery — not test scores.