Intensive Workshop in Project Management | Who would benefit?

Intensive Workshop in Project Management
Intensive Workshop in Project Management - Participants at a Workshop in Johannesburg

Who would benefit?

For newcomers, the Intensive Workshop in Project Management is the quickest route to immediate project skills. For existing project managers and organisational leaders, it provides new insight into the underlying principles for implementing and optimising Project Management.

The Workshop is ideal for:

  • Individuals who are considering a career in Project Management;
  • Business owners, managers and team members who want to become effective at managing time, cost and workload;
  • Professionals for whom the bulk of their income is derived from managing projects; and
  • Experienced project leaders who seek a systematic approach to impart to their subordinates.

Participants in past Workshops have included architects, IT professionals, engineers, business owners, current project managers and individuals seeking a change of career.

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