Intensive Workshop in Project Management | What to expect

Intensive Workshop in Project Management

What to expect

Here’s what you can expect from the Intensive Workshop:

Work-unit experience

You will experience the essence of Project Management first hand, namely the effective collaboration of a team achieving a well-defined goal. This aspect is often overlooked in normal Project Management training where the emphasis is mainly on the tools and techniques of Project Management.

Methods and techniques you can use immediately on Monday morning

Through intensive exercises, you will be equipped to plan a project step by step using recognised Project Management techniques, with attention to the requirements for monitoring, control and completion. You will discover the reasons for doing things whilst actually doing them.

A contextual understanding of further learning

You will furthermore be better equipped to make informed decisions about whether studying towards other certifications, such as such as PMP®, Scrum Master SAQA/NQF certification or other standards would be appropriate in your situation. If you intend to enrol for the Practical Certification Programme in Project Management, the Workshop will provide the foundation for Modules 2-3 of the Programme. You will also better understand the context of international certificate which forms part of the Programme.

Insight into implementation

Dealing with organisational Project Management before zooming in on individual project techniques is just as important for a self-employed individual who leads a small team as it is for a large organisations. You will develop hands-on skills in the use of Project Management techniques in the context of individual and organisational Project Management thinking. You will thus be able to contribute to discussions about implementing Project Management in your organisation.

Without this combination of collaboration, practical use of tools and techniques and an organisational perspective, students of Project Management are frequently unable to apply their knowledge back in the real world. The Workshop has been developed specifically to address these issues.


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