Intensive Workshop in Project Management | Purpose

Intensive Workshop in Project Management


The Workshop has been developed for maximum impact on immediate performance whilst creating an awareness of the underlying principles at play in projects, the changes required in the workplace, and the tools and skillsets which could be helpful once the initial changes have taken place.

The Workshop also constitutes Module 1 of the Practical Certification Programme in Project Management (PCP).

The unique learning framework brings together differences in learning styles and past experience. Your participation provides you with the overall context of real, practical Project Management. You identify your role in a Project Management environment, and you start applying what you’re learning in your own project in collaboration with your one or two discussion team members, who have been assigned to you for the two days.

Upon your return to work, your learning is embedded as you start to do aspects of your work differently. If you are not in a position to influence projects at work, we can introduce you to projects which you can take on yourself. (You can only really learn Project Management properly when you’re working on real projects!)


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