Intensive Workshop in Project Management | Preparatory activities and venue details

Expertise Questionnaire

In the real world of Project Management, you will be working with teams consisting of diverse individuals. What you gain from the Workshop will depend greatly on the contribution which you make in the groupwork from a perspective of your own unique background, experience and character.

Before the Workshop, we’ll send you a link to the Expertise Questionnaire, so that we can place you into the team best suited to your learning needs.

Recommended reading

Our article about organisational Project Management would be very helpful if you are joining the Workshop to start changing things at work.

If you’re interested in Project Management as a career, find out more about what it means to be competent.

We also recommend that you search the internet for information about the following topics:

  • Business case
  • Project planning
  • Risk register

Recommended project planning

During the Workshop, you will have the opportunity to apply the techniques you learn to a project of your own. If you are about to begin a real project (or if there are projects which are typical to your own environment), you can save time in class if you come prepared with a list of some of your tasks. (You don’t have to list them in the correct sequence.) Here’s an example:

Preparatory scribbles for creating WBS

Too simple for you? If you’re a top-of-the-range project manager, bring your Business Case, Stakeholder Analysis, Risk Register, PBS, WBS, Network Diagram (showing Critical Path), Resource Assignment table and Document Control Protocol, so that we can get down to some Best Practices!


There is no exam at the end of this Workshop, but with your full involvement, you will receive a Certificate of Active Participation from If you continue with the Practical Certification Programme in Project Management, you will do a Module exam at the end of Module 2. An international certification exam and further assessment are part of Module 3.

Your arrival

Please ensure that you arrive by 07:45 on the first day of the Workshop, so that we can finalise your registration and introduce you to your team. If you haven’t been to this venue before, we suggest that you give yourself enough time to find the correct building.

Arrive well-rested and with a clear mind, ready for intensive collaborative learning. Your team depends on your active participation.

Bring something warm to put on later. It is difficult to suit every individual’s needs by adjusting the air conditioner. 😉 Here are some photos showing what other people wore.

We will provide the workbooks, stationery, refreshments and lunch. (We’ll also give you a little something with coffee when you arrive.)

Contactability during the Workshop

Please arrange that you will not be disturbed by cell phone calls and messages. We rely on your engagement in collaborative exercises. There will be a break every 2 hours for you to attend to urgent calls.


We finish a few minutes after 17:00 every day. Please plan accordingly.

Venue details and directions

Cape Town: Stellenbosch

Johannesburg: Midrand

Accolades Conference Centre
72 Dale Road

Download directions, co-ordinates, emergency contact details

Durban: Kloof

Eagle Wind Manor
15 Old Main Road
Botha’s Hill

Download directions, map, co-ordinates, emergency contact details


Zambezi Room
Safari Court Hotel
Corner of Auas Street and Aviation Street (Near the Eros Airport)

There are numerous buildings on the premises, all with similar names. The venue is inside the Safari Court Hotel (not the same thing as the Hotel Safari or Safari Conference Centre).

This is what the Safari Court Hotel looks like from the outside. You can use the entrance pictured here, or the glass door to the left of the same building.

Safari Court Hotel entrance


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