Intensive Weekend Workshop in Project Management – Johannesburg (Midrand)

Project Management Workshop in Johannesburg - Midrand

Now in its 8th year, this practical 2-day Workshop is unique, in that it’s designed to serve participants’ specific requirements, with  an immediate impact back at work. The Workshop is also part of the Practical Certification Programme in Project Management, and serves as a gateway for career development and organisational change.

In Gauteng, the Intensive Weekend Workshop in Project Management is held at the Accolades Conference Centre in Midrand, Johannesburg. Accommodation for out-of-town participants is available at the Accodes Boutique Hotel, or within quick driving distance.


At 07:45 you’re introduced to your team.

The learning facilitator sets out the teams in advance, based on the questionnaire which you and other participants submitted prior to the Workshop. (If you are new to projects, we’ll place you in a suitable team based on your industry or other criteria.)

Johannesburg - Intensive Weekend Workshop in Project Management - Lunch break

At the start of the Workshop, we summarise the goals of the participants, and translate them into a brief for the Workshop.

Team exercise during a Project Management short course in Johannesburg.

Intensive learning sessions take place throughout the day at our uniquely designed Collaboration Tables, with discussions and exercises based on your actual work. (You won’t be sleeping through some PowerPoint presentation—this is real learning!)

Johannesburg - Intensive Weekend Workshop in Project Management - Collaboration


The goals of the previous day may be reviewed and adjusted based on new insights and needs identified as a result of the previous day’s learning.

Revision exercises entrench methods and techniques learned the day before.

During lunch, you may want to share a table with the learning facilitator, Tania Melnyczuk, to discuss your career. Or perhaps you’d like to chat to our Director of Organisational Learning, Marius Cloete, about the important first steps for implementing Project Management in your organisation.

By the afternoon, you’ll start to analyse and plan your own real project, based on your learning.

You’ll be encouraged to consider your next steps before your departure. These will depend on your unique goals and needs, but could include

Johannesburg: Intensive Weekend Workshop in Project Management - Prize Draw

The afternoon finishes shortly after 17:00.

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Duration: 2 days (Saturday-Sunday)
Fee: R2,950 (incl. VAT)

  1. Read the questions and answers about Payment.
  2. Fill in the booking form below.
  3. You will receive a Booking Confirmation and an invoice.
    If your booking has not been acknowledged within two days, please let us know!
    If you require a single invoice for a group of participants, contact Marius Cloete at 082 459-3110.
  4. You will receive preparatory information.
    As the time approaches for the Workshop, we will send you reminders, directions to the venue, preparatory reading and other information to help you get ready.

What's the dealine for payment?

Once you submit your booking, you’ll receive an invoice within one working day. We’ll contact you to establish a payment date that’s convenient for you.

Someone else will pay for me. What's the procedure?

Wow, you’re lucky. If you’re expecting your company or a family member to sponsor you, first ensure that they understand what this means for them: as soon as you book, they are liable even if you change your mind. Don’t book if they haven’t agreed to this commitment.

My organisation requires a formal quote (or pro-forma invoice). How do I get that?

It’s pretty easy.

  1. Ask the person who must authorise your booking to tell you what documents they require.
  2. Fill in the booking form below, specifying what documents they need.
    Your booking will not be confirmed until they’ve received the documents from us and given their authorisation.
  3. Once they’ve authorised your booking, we’ll send them the invoice. Their liability only kicks in at that point.

I need a visa to come to South Africa. Can I get a Letter of Invitation?

Of course! The administration takes a bit of time, so be sure to do the following as soon as possible:

  1. Book for the Workshop.
    We will send you an invoice with banking details.
  2. Pay the full amount of R2,950 as well as any transaction charges which your bank requires.
    Once we’ve recceived your payment, we’ll send you a Letter of Invitation.

What if I need to postpone?

No problem, you won’t have to pay double!

  • If you tell us more than 7 days before the Workshop, you can postpone your attendance to a later Workshop at any of the venues in South Africa within the next 12 months.
    You won’t have to pay anything extra—even if the Workshop fee increases during that time.
  • If you tell us during the 7 days before the Workshop, you may be charged a postponement fee of up to R950.
    (This is because we will already have printed your three books, reserved your meals and made numerous other arrangements to receive you.)

So let us know as soon as you can!

If I can't come, can I send someone in my place?

Yep. Please notify us as soon as possible, because we need to contact this person so that we can

  • ask them about their expertise, language preference and learning requirements, and plan this into the grouping of the discussion teams;
  • communicate their dietary requirements to the chef; and
  • spell their name correctly on their courseware!

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This isn’t very likely, but if it does happen, we’ll notify you as soon as possible to prevent inconvenience. Your booking will automatically be moved to the next course in the same city. If the next date doesn’t suit you, you’re welcome to request a full refund.


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