PCP | Are you a candidate?

The Practical Certification Programme in Project Management (PCP) is designed for inspired learners. You should therefore not consider this programme if your primary motivation is to get a certificate; the depth of learning, the “stuff outside the immediate scope of what’s needed to pass the exam” will frustrate you. The most important outcome of the programme is the ability to do the work, not only to add a line to your CV.

You are a candidate for this programme if you’re looking for the following, in order of importance:

  1. Practical skills rather than advanced academic theory; the immediate ability to apply these skills in real projects.
  2. Insight into the underlying principles of Project Management, allowing you to adapt to new work situations and project challenges.
  3. Maximum growth according to your own unique interests, goals and learning style.
  4. Vetting some of your skills according to a recognised standard.

To start the PCP, book for Module 1 (Intensive Workshop in Project Management) or Module 2 (Project Management Concepts).


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