Practical Certification Programme in Project Management


PCP | Overview

The Practical Certification Programme in Project Management (PCP) is a unique part-time practical blended learning programme in Project Management. It consists of three modules, two of which can also be taken as standalone courses. Completing the entire PCP takes approximately a year. Payments are milestone-based. If you decide to put your learning on hold, you don’t have to pay for the next increment until you are ready to go again.


The PCP provides you with the best opportunity to get a foot in the door, because you present more than mere theoretical knowledge (or years of experience at doing things your own way). Your certificates, and your portfolio of evidence of real project work, accompanied by a detailed testimonial, are a strong indication that you can actually do the work you claim you can do, in a way that aligns to industry-respected norms. Find out more about what you stand to gain.

What certificate do I get?

The Practical Certificate in Project Management is an individualised outcomes-based certificate, and also includes the internationally accredited standards-based certificate, 74-343 Managing Projects with Microsoft Project. The programme provides a contextual basis for PRINCE2® or PMP® certification, which may be considered as later add-ons. (This video explains why we don’t start with such certificates, even if you’re experienced in projects.)

Where do I start?

You may begin with either Module 1 or Module 2. Both must be completed before starting Module 3.

In Johannesburg and Cape Town, Module 1 takes the form of an Intensive Weekend Workshop. In Namibia, the Intensive Workshop is conducted over 3 days during the week.

Module 2 is conducted online.

Most people choose to start with Module 1, which provides a rich and varied learning experience. If you want to begin your studies as soon as possible, though, we recommend starting with Module 2, which requires regular self-study.

To start the PCP, book for Module 1 (Intensive Workshop in Project Management) or Module 2 (Project Management Concepts).


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