I want to do better work

If you’re looking for a solutions to challenges at work, we have several offerings to suit your needs.

High impact, low risk

For many people, the first step would be to participate in an Intensive Workshop in Project Management, to get insight into the principles at play, talking and working through aspects of your actual projects. It’s short, cost-effective, and you’ll be able to make some immediate changes afterwards. Book here.

One-to-one help

If you have pressing problems and you’re responsible for a big budget project, you may need more focused one-to-one troubleshooting, tutoring or mentoring on your project. Talk to us.

Tackling the challenges together

Perhaps other people share your concerns. Your chance of changing things could improve if you could involve from the start, working towards solutions together. Doing a Workshop or Project Management Concepts course together can go a long way towards building a common idea of the problems. You’ll need more of a guided approach if you want to take things further, though, so chat to us before you decide on a starting point.

Moving up or moving out

If you’re looking for a change of scenery, a change of career, something to move into over time, then the part-time Practical Certification Programme in Project Management may be for you. You’ll learn new skills, new habits, and new ways of thinking, and you’ll receive one-to-one mentoring to help you to determine where you want to go. To begin, book for either Module 1 or Module 2.


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