Team Advantage Deal

Team discount for Project Management Concepts

Get a discount of R500 (or N$500) each when YOU AND ONE OR MORE OF YOUR COLLEAGUES BOOK for the Intensive Workshop in Project Management.

How do I get this deal?
  1. Book for the Workshop selecting the Team Advantage Deal on the booking form.
  2. We’ll contact you to make further arrangements for your colleagues.
Why should I bring my colleagues?

Project Management is an organisational discipline. The Workshop provides the opportunity to start creating a common understanding of the forces at play in projects, and a common language and frame of reference for taking steps towards change.

The company will be paying. Can we get an all-in-one invoice, for everyone?


We’re all paying for ourselves. Do we each get a discount?


When do we have to pay for the Workshop to qualify for this deal?

The usual payment terms apply (details for your country appear on the booking form).

My boyfriend and I want to start a business together. Does he count as my colleague?


It would only be the two of us, though, not a big group. Would we still each get a discount?


What if my arrangements with my colleagues don’t work out, so in the end I’m the only one coming? Do I still get a discount?

No, the Team Advantage Discount falls away. However, if you’re in time for the cut-off date, you can get a discount for yourself by asking to switch to the Early Payment Deal or the Further Study Deal.

Can I combine these deals to get an even bigger discount?

No. 🙂 Pick one. They’re all good deals.



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