Further Study Deal

Project Management - Further Study Deal

Get a discount of R500 on the online Project Management Concepts course (approx. 3 months, part-time) if you BOOK for the Intensive Workshop in Project Management no later than the cut-off date. (The usual fee for Project Management Concepts is R2,500.)

How do I get this deal?
  1. Book for the Workshop before the cut-off date. (Select the Further Study Deal at the top of the booking form.)
  2. When you’re ready, book for Project Management Concepts.
Cut-off dates for special deals

3–4 August 2019 (Weekend: 2 days)
Regular fee: R4,250
Early Payment Deal and Further Study Deal (up to 10 June): R3,750

Cape Town 
24–25 August 2019 (Weekend: 2 days)
Regular fee: R4,250
Early Payment Deal and Further Study Deal (up to 10 June): R3,750

25–27 November 2019 (Mon-Wed: 3 days)
Regular fee: N$6,250
Early Payment Deal and Further Study Deal (up to 10 June): N$5,750

What is Project Management Concepts?

Project Management Concepts is a part-time online course that is taken over approximately 3 months.

Why would I want to do the Project Management Concepts in addition to the Workshop?

Without entrenchment, you can quickly forget what you learned at the Intensive Workshop in Project Management. The online Project Management Concepts course entrenches what you learned. It also broadens and deepens your knowledge, understanding and personal development in line with the Project Manager Competency Development Framework (PMCDF). In this way, the online course protects the investment you made in the Workshop.

Project Management Concepts also constitutes Module 2 of the Practical Certification Programme in Project Management (PCP).

When do I have to pay for the Workshop to qualify for this deal?

The usual payment terms apply (details for your country appear on the booking form).

When do I have to start Project Management Concepts?

For the deal to remain valid, you must start Project Management Concepts within 6 months of booking for the Workshop. (You can even start Project Management Concepts before the Workshop, provided that you’ve already paid for the Workshop.)

When do I have to pay for Project Management Concepts?

The usual payment terms apply (details appear on the booking form).

What if I choose this deal, but then decide not to do Project Management Concepts after all?

No problem, the deal then falls away, and you’ll only pay for the Workshop. However, if you want a discount on the Workshop itself, you have two options: the Early Payment Deal and the Team Advantage Deal.

Can I combine these deals to get an even bigger discount?

No. 🙂 Pick one. They’re all good deals.