Will I cope with the Project Management Concepts course?

If you are wondering whether you will cope with the Project Management Concepts course, check out the commitment that you’ll be making, and what it takes to stick to it. Here is the up-front reading for all course participants.

There are two important prerequisites before all that, though.

Firstly, you must be comfortable with computers, the Internet and learning to use new programs. If you’re not a power-user of spreadsheets (such as Excel) or word processing software (such as Word), you will be able to enrol, but expect to do some of your own learning along the way via YouTube or other channels, to create tables, footnotes and to format your List of Terms.

Secondly, you’d need to be able to read and write English reasonably. If we notice from your correspondence or booking form that you don’t meet the basic requirements, we will ask you to complete this (free) course at Khan Academy before continuing with Project Management Concepts.

The article below explains why written communication is so important in Project Management, and why we help you further develop your writing and comprehension skills during the course. The article also links to guidelines for self-evaluation and improvement.

Tania Melnyczuk

Director of Programme Design at ProjectManagement.co.za and the Collaboration Director of the Autistic Strategies Network.


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