Interview with Dr. Ryan Antunes about Project Management Concepts

Ryan completed the Project Management Concepts course online in April 2020.

What Project Management insights that you gained during the course have been most useful to you?

Really liked the List of Terms which gave me a better understanding of terminology and the importance of using the correct terms.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how comfortable were you with reading basic schedule information* before the course and by the end of the course?

1 before and 9 by the end.

* Schedule information refers to plans drawn up in project scheduling software such as Microsoft Project, using the Critical Path Method (employing a network diagram), and Gantt charts.

What personal changes have you made as a result of the course?

I have achieved a learning habit. I still do learning most mornings.

How would you describe your overall experience of the Project Management Concepts course?

Loved it. Think it was the perfect introduction to my project management journey.

How did this course and method of learning differ from other formal studies which you’ve done (or which you’re doing right now)?

The whole concept of “learn for mastery, not to just pass a test”. Think it’s such an important concept in all factors of life.

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