Interview with Max Meyer about Project Management Concepts

Max works in the Project Management field in Namibia. In June 2018, he completed the Project Management Concepts course online. We asked him about his experience.

What Project Management insights that you gained during the course have been most useful to you?

What project management as a profession looks like, which knowledge areas a project manager needs to master in, and the tools and techniques that project managers use to manage projects.

How comfortable were you with reading basic schedule information before the course and by the end of the course?

3 before and 10 by the end.

What personal changes have you made as a result of the course?

I have adopted the Rule for Risk in my workplace!

How would you describe your overall experience of the Project Management Concepts course?

It was great! The daily tasks were interesting and encouraged me to do some additional reading and research. I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about Project Management, the 10 Knowledge Areas and Project Management tools and techniques.

How did this course and method of learning differ from other formal studies which you’ve done (or which you’re doing right now)?

It was much better. The continuous learning concept is great because it kept me interested. The passwords encouraged me to do additional reading and research. Whilst it was frustrating at times, the 100% test pass mark forced me to review and learn from my mistakes.

At only R3,910, this remarkable course is a gateway to personal growth in the world of Project Management.

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