“Very interesting, interactive way of learning and getting hands-on information.”

Overall experience

How would you describe your overall experience of the Workshop to colleagues or friends?

I thoroughly enjoyed the Workshop and felt that it was the perfect start to my career/new job title as Junior Project Manager. | Learning approach was unique, days agenda is set by participants, no boring slide shows. | Overall, I had a very pleasant experience. I am walking out of here with knowledge that I know can add value to our Project Managers at work, those who did not attend the workshop. | Inspiring, not only in the workplace, but also at home or in your business. | Good. | I will be doing a lot of referrals. | Very interesting, interactive way of learning and getting hands-on information of various departments from a variety of companies/work environments. | Encourage them to join next time. | Good. | Informative. Motivating. Mind opening. I had a good time. Thank you ProjectManagement.co.za Team! | At first, I thought I was going to leave the Workshop almost more lost than when I walked in, but Tania and Marius explained and taught me everything I needed to know to start doing things/implementing things that will make my projects successful. | Was very good! Would recommend to anyone wanting to know more about PM.

What were the main positive things that contributed to your overall experience?

The facilitator – entertaining and knowledgeable. | My fear and weaknesses were understood, and I was given one on one attention. | Engagement with myself, my fellow participants and the Expert. It was interesting…. wanted to learn more. | Project process. | The environment. | Teaching methods. Interest shown by the facilitators in what we had to say. | The constant class interaction and involvement, made the course interesting and better than learning from a textbook. | How to draw draught plan. | WBS. | Person to person communication. | Team interaction. Training material, the dogs are a good idea. | Being able to express my feelings, how do I feel questions… It helped me to realise that I need to find where my negative feelings come from, and how to work on them. | To be able to do your own project and implementing what you’ve learnt in the Workshop, into it.

What were the main negative things that contributed to your overall experience?

I sometimes lost track, felt myself getting distracted, as it is loads of information in a very short time frame. | Not being able to identify my risks, early enough. | I don’t have negative experiences. | Nothing. | I can’t think of any. | May be days. | Lots of information to get in a short time. | To be discussed in future meeting from an instructural design perspective.



What one thing that you have learned will have the greatest impact on your work on Monday morning?

The Rule for Risk – will be putting it up in the office, so that everyone will be on the same page. | Managing risk, talking through issues at an early stage, big or small. | The Rule for Risk… “What prevented you from following the Rule for Risk” | The fact that I can start planning a project better. | Always considering possible risk in what you do and how to mitigate those risks. | Plan ahead. | Drawing up a WBS, Network Diagram and Gantt Chart. | How to engage, and critical thinking. | Start planning even for my operation to get things in order. | Think logical. Keep it simple. | Planning = everything + has an impact on the project. | * Rule for Risk, most definitely. * Planning and Scheduling. | Rule for Risk! | Interpretation of a Gantt Chart.

About the learning materials

What did you think of the workbook and other materials?

Very fun and active learning materials. Great illustrations, drawn well. | Very artistic and interesting to read. | It was something else to see the dogs being used. | Different, interesting, effective. | Good. | User friendly. | The graphics make it a fun way of learning and the workbooks are easy to understand. | Good. | Out of the box, good for engagement, I liked it a lot. | Awesome! I liked the cartoons and animation. It kept me from taking myself too seriously. Good job on that. | I liked the dog theme and illustrations. Information was very relevant. | Very informative and easy to read and follow. | Enough to support all the participants. It was good.

What could be improved?

Perhaps indicate somehow if an illustration isn’t “adequate “or done “correctly” e.g. Risk Register (wouldn’t know this if I perhaps stepped out at a specific time it was mentioned.) | Workshop looks fine like this. | I don’t think I would improve anything. Also brought a fun element (the dogs) into the Workshop. | Spend more time on Microsoft Project. | Provide more reading materials. | Yes, the quizzes help to compare different perspectives of fellow attendees. | More days of lessons. | Maybe time, let’s say four days, my personal suggestion. | Nothing (perhaps something to keep all pieces in one place…?) | I sometimes felt like some things were over explained/had stories that could take up some time. It could be a way to have everyone on the same page I guess. | For myself, it was an issue to sort out to have kids picked up and dropped off at school. Maybe look at lunch between 1 – 2, and to stop a bit before 5 o’clock.

Did you find the quizzes helpful?

I enjoyed the Quizzes. They either confirmed that I learnt something well or showed me that I would have to relook a few things. | Yes, the fact that we went through all answers right or wrong was very unique as one knows why the answer is wright or wrong. | Yes, it was insightful and very tricky, so you had to think carefully. | Yes. | The Quizzes were very helpful and the way they were explained afterwards really helped me understand. | Yes. | Difficult as it was, my first experience in this type of Module training and terminology is new to me. | Yes – Not easy! | Yes. | Yes! And interesting to read as they were not too structured and came with humour, which I enjoyed. | Yes, for sure. | Very helpful, as they address issues that makes you think.

About the lecturer

What did she do well?

Fantastic speaker, easy to listen to, great stories. | Engaged with all students, listened to everyone’s needs. | She is an excellent facilitator with a lot of knowledge to share. | Everything. | Subject expert. | She teaches well. Speaks clearly and in an understandable manner. | She kept the attention of the class at all times by incorporating real situations (stories), in the presentation. | Her presentation and broader knowledge. | How she gave information with some example made it easy to understand better. | Generally all was good. | She is a good connector with all participants. I love Tania’s story telling skills. She is also a very systematic and thorough explainer, who leaves you with a clear and comprehensive understanding. | She is such a calm facilitator. Great job Tania. | She engaged everyone. Ensured that everyone was in a comfortable space and explained everything in a manner we could all understand. | Engaged everyone individually. Smiled a lot!! It’s nice to listen to a friendly person.

What could she do better?

Although the stories are a big help in understanding the theories in a practical context, I tended to lose concentration sometimes, as I lost track when stories became quite long. | Just keep up the good work. | Maybe just point out what is an important note to jot down as you feel everything she says is important and you don’t want to miss out what she says but you are writing the whole time, so you might miss something. | I have not encountered better. | Nothing I could think of. | She is good all the way. | For me, slow down a little bit, she was too fast, and I missed some information. | Spend more time on the project software presentation. | Maybe it’s because of the nature of the Workshop, but I sometimes felt she spoke fast and shared a lot of information at one blow. However, I would not hesitate to attend her Workshops in the future. | She’s excellent. I wouldn’t change a thing. | Maybe learn to play the drums to call us back after intervals and include some R&B songs. 🙂

Before the Workshop

What was your overall experience of the engagement with ProjectManagement.co.za before the Workshop?

Overall good experience. However, the e-mail with the “expertise link” never reached my work e-mail address and had to be sent to my personal e-mail (Friday before start of Workshop on Monday). | Uncertain of how the Workshop is presented. | It was excellent. | Very good. | Good. | It was very engaging and informative. Interesting website. User friendly. | The knowledge of PM as the programme, now I can tell my office on good and helpful this is. | Engagement was on time, although I was the one that was slow to respond back. | Good service from leaving admin and check in by Tania on my expectations. | I personally had a very good experience. My e-mails were replied to on time. I called a few times and I want to say thank you to Lucinda, she was very kind. | Professional service with a friendly voice on the other end of the line. Info was given on time. | Quick replies. Very good.

What made you choose this Workshop instead of other learning options?

To be honest, I was nominated by my Head of Department, thus I didn’t have a “choice” as such. | Feedbacks from precious students/learners. | It was recommended by my Manager. | I had the option to do online learning but opted for the traditional classroom learning for more engagement and group discussions. | Referrals. | HR chose it. | I wanted to hear from experts or from other people hoe they deal with issues. | Because I wanted to understand more about Project Management as I have tried it before, but it didn’t work out. | I wanted to improve my Project Management skills. | I did not want a programme with theory because I did Project Management already. | I am not sure 🙂 However, I am glad I signed up and will be doing the online course soonest. | It came at the right time. It did not take too long. I did not want a degree, I just needed guidance. | I looked at the Overview of what was covered during the Workshop.

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