GRASP Workshop in Project Management for Heineken

Participants included

Malindi Dietsiso, Prisca Langa, Hylton Jacobs, Lerato Ramollo, Lungisa Adams, Kabelo Shale, Hlumela Mapuma, Zama Mafuduka, Kgalaletso Dithejane, Amanda Xulu, Mpho Ncube

Overall experience

How would you describe your overall experience of the Workshop to colleagues?

Unconventional but very engaging. | Very interactive. Not death by PowerPoint. Natural way of learning encompassed with leadership behaviours. | I enjoyed the session, very informative with a lot of easy-to-implement concepts. | Enriching, different but very insightful and valuable. | Informative, interactive. | Very insightful and informative. | It was intense, it’s a great learning experience, as it opens up your mind on how you think in a natural way. It builds anticipation, as nothing is pre-empted; forces you to pay attention to see how it links at the end. | Such an amazing 2 days, learning from different angles on how to tackle Project Management. | Interesting. Informative. Engaging. | Great, learned new ways of working. | Insightful and engaging experience. The environment created allows for one to learn effectively.

Project Management Triangle - Triple ConstraintWhat positive things contributed to your overall experience?

The facilitators’ knowledge of everyone’s names, including pronunciation, but also the guts to engage on sensitive issues which affect us as a country. | Way of learning. Project Management techniques introduced. The people that we had in the group. | Interactive sessions. Sharing of experiences. Exercises in groups and individuals. | Ability of all to participate and freedom of expression. Use of own language as a key to great Project Management environment. | Easily applicable to [wow] | Structure. Learning methods. Interaction. | What I can do. This opened up and sparked a couple of ideas on how best I can unlock doors of opportunity in my work. | Common language and engaging myself every moment, reflecting on what has been said and applying in my work. | Thank you so much for no PowerPoint. | Sharing life/general stories. Teamwork and sufficient quiet time. Facilitators’ demeanour. “Bone-us” | People being interactive, very engaged. | The method of presentation, the stories and scenarios created, and all the other engaging exercises.

What negative things contributed to your overall experience?

Microsoft Project. I’m terrible in apps, and know I’m going to have to use it. | Trying to put everything in my world, it looks a bit difficult to apply some of the things. | The day can seem long-winded, with bursts of super engagement. | Too much (long) talking by facilitators, the 1st day I felt we had less exercises. | Some of the teachings were not practical for our environment and I worry that some time might have been wasted. | Long hours. Topic diversions. | Nothing. | Some topics dragged on for too long due to teammates’ contributions. | Nothing. | Nothing of note, except for topics that could get too political. Caution just needs to be applied as views might be diverse. | Nothing. | It’s very intense, and there were moments I drifted.


What one thing that you have learned will have the greatest impact back at work?

Microsoft Project. | How to plan a project, not focusing on the technical stuff. | Encourage common language in the workplace. | People’s understanding of topics is the greatest barriers to successful Project Management and organisations. | Triple constraint (emotional catch-up). | Task optimisation and risk reporting. | Risk reporting. Engaging myself and others. Seeing the bigger picture. | Reporting risk – Dashboard. Goal directedness. | Project dashboard – it’s so simple, yet impactful. | The Rule for Risk. WBS & PBS. | Common language. Big step to take for the team I’m in. | Using Microsoft Project to manage my project.


Tania Melnyczuk

Director of Programme Design at and the Collaboration Director of the Autistic Strategies Network.


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