“Very fun, engaging and helpful.”


What one thing that you have learned will have the greatest impact on your work on Monday morning?

Communication + implementation of the Rule for Risk, or at least starting a discussion in that direction. | 1. The way I do things in my division and my team. 2. I saw all the flaws/problems at strategic level and will make suggestions as best possible. | I actually know what is expected of me in the project office. | 20 minute focus window. | Communicate more about culture and possible project strategies (positive). | My step by step checklist will ensure that I can make more confident decisions. | Risk assessment and the Network Diagram, including a Gantt chart.

About the learning materials

What did you think of the workbook?

Creative and excellent. | Very informative, engaging, mainly doing a lot yourself. Info stays in your head. | Very fun, engaging and helpful. I am a very visual person. Fantastic – the multiple documents a little confusing to follow at first. | Excellent, but it can be improved. | Helpful to an extent. | Tailor made material is the best, captures important & key factors. Very straight to the point. Thank you.

What could be improved?

At this point in time, nothing. | I think the programme is designed well because it is phased. Do suggest, however, that if it is possible how can we help other team members to arrive on time, if they have transport challenges. | The first day we wasted time waiting for people while we came early. Also a lot of time was eaten up with gathering people’s expectations. This could be done online with the Questionnaire you send after we book.

Did you find the quizzes helpful?

Certainly. | Yes, makes you think twice before answering. | Yes. | Yes. | Yes. | It was a bit easy. | We only did one, but very helpful.

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Tania Melnyczuk

Director of Programme Design at ProjectManagement.co.za and the Collaboration Director of the Autistic Strategies Network.


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