Elmarie Els on the Project Management Concepts course

After more than three months of consistent participation in the online Project Management Concepts course, Elmarie began her Exam Preparation. She submitted a List of Terms detailing approximately 450 Project Management concepts which she had explored during her studies. From this, it was clear that Elmarie Els was perfectly ready for the Exam.

In November 2020, Elmarie passed with with 99%. Here is what she said about the course.

What Project Management insights that you gained during the course have been most useful to you?

Learning about authority structures and the different roles assigned to different stakeholders was very valuable to me to get an understanding of where project/programme/portfolio management fits into the bigger picture.

Also learning about models, frameworks, standards and methodologies was very insightful and valuable to understand as this will be your foundation from where you work and build as a professional.

But everything I read was completely new information to me so I soaked everything up and hope I will remember it all as I proceed onwards.

Have your writing skills improved as a result of the course? If so, in what way?

I am Afrikaans speaking but luckily my English reading, writing, and speaking skills are not bad. Correct spelling has always been very important to me but what I came to learn during this time is that I tend to think in Afrikaans, then I want to type or write what I thought about in Afrikaans. So I became aware of my grammar and that there is room for improvement. So I am grateful for Grammarly which helped me a lot!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how comfortable were you with reading basic schedule information* before the course and by the end of the course?

0 before and 8 by the end.

* Schedule information refers to plans drawn up in project scheduling software such as Microsoft Project, using the Critical Path Method (employing a network diagram), and Gantt charts.

What personal changes have you made as a result of the course?

I want to make sure that when I pursue something, my goal will always be mastery. No point in doing something if you do not set yourself up to be the best you can be in the specific endeavor. I will continue to make time for reading blogs/articles/books regarding project management as I want to understand the different aspects of the industry better.

What advice do you have for others to prepare for the exam?

Do not think you can rely on having the test answers memorized to be able to answer the exam questions. You are not preparing for the exam only the week before, you start preparing for the exam from day one. You need to fully understand what you are learning so that you will be able to answer the questions.

How would you describe your overall experience of the Project Management Concepts course?

At first, I was a bit overwhelmed by this new approach to studying. I have a full-day job which is quite taxing so I had to make sure to find my way into settling with a new routine. But as time progressed and I found my ‘groove’ I can truly say this was such an awarding experience and I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to do this course.

I learned a lot, not only about project management, but in thinking differently, managing my time better, and also so much about myself.

How did this course and method of learning differ from other formal studies which you’ve done (or which you’re doing right now)?

It is completely different.

When I studied during school and university I relied on my good memory to help me pass exams. I would study a day before and still get a good score as I have a good memory.

But with this course, I learned about mastery and critical thinking and how important these aspects are to enable you to become competent at something.

You can’t just memorize, you need to ask the right questions, seek the answers, think about what you’ve read, read some more and continually align what you are busy with on a particular day with the bigger picture – where it fits into project management.

The online Project Management Concepts course is specifically designed to help you gain the type of insight and personal change which Elmarie achieved by maintaining her regular study habit.

At only R3,910, this remarkable course is a gateway to personal growth in the world of Project Management.

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Tania Melnyczuk

Tania is the Director of Programme Design at ProjectManagement.co.za and the Collaboration Director of the Autistic Strategies Network. She also works as a project specialist at Marius Cloete Moulds, and as a professional artist specialising in ballpoint and multimedia.


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