Clinton Smith at the Intensive Workshop in Project Management

Overall experience

How would you describe your overall experience of the Workshop to colleagues or friends?

Mind opening.

What were the main positive things that contributed to your overall experience?

The engagement of the facilitators and their commitment to helping us understand. They really want to help you grow.

What were the main negative things that contributed to your overall experience?

Felt perhaps there was too much info crammed in over two days. I learn slower.


What one thing that you have learned will have the greatest impact on your work on Monday morning?

I must fully inform the relevant person as soon as I become aware that something may not be or may not happen as expected.

About the learning materials

What did you think of the workbook and other materials?

Easy to use and well thought out in terms of practical ability to study further.

What could be improved?

Perhaps shorter sessions and shorter breaks. I and some others got very tired in the afternoons, this difficult to focus.

Did you find the quizzes helpful?


About the lecturer

What did she do well?

Communicated very well and managed to answer and teach individual needs and group needs.

What could she do better?

Before the Workshop

What was your overall experience of the engagement with before the Workshop?

Limited to aspects of this side to the business.

What made you choose this Workshop instead of other learning options? (Optional)

I was invited and saw it as a personal and business growth point of learning.

What did you think of the venue and catering?

Fantastic. The food was excellent.

Tania Melnyczuk

Director of Programme Design at and the Collaboration Director of the Autistic Strategies Network.


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